Dazzling Fashion Typical Batik Indonesia


Measuring Variety & Bull

VARIOUS traditional cloths, especially batik, Indonesia’s current wealth is increasingly in demand. Various motifs and exploration are offered to show motive and able to follow the pattern of traditional fabrics and fashion trends in modern Indonesian society, even the world.

A piece of batik fabric store a lot of stories and history that is implied. The regions producing batik fabric has a characteristic of each. In addition, the character of a particular typology is also greatly influenced motif. Call it like a typical batik Solo, Yogyakarta Batik, batik Tegal, Pekalongan and also Batik Semarang. Coastal batik for example, more dominated by bright colors because it affected the lives of coastal residents are more dynamic.

Other coastal batik, batik of Yogyakarta other. The original Batik Yogyakarta large geometric motifs dominated by white light. Little difference with batik Solo only on color. The white color is not as bright batik batik Solo Yogyakarta. In addition, the batik of Solo is equipped with Soga gold color that is usually used in environments Kasunanan Surakarta palace. Both types of batik should not be used by the public.Only the palace are allowed to wear batik with motif of this kind.

In Pekalongan, batik has become part of local community life and become the flagship product of Pekalongan. That’s why the nickname City of Batik attached to the area which is also known as a city of this tea. While batik design is more dynamic and influenced by various elements. For example Jlamprang batik motif, inspired from India and Arabia. Then batik Encim and Klengenan, which influenced the Chinese culture. Dutch batik, Batik Morning Afternoon, or Batik Hokokai, which is in the occupation Jepang.Lain again with batik Lasem have multicultural characteristic of Chinese Javanese accent. His charm appears on the bright hue and distinctive motive. Typical Chinese motifs can be seen in the picture phoenix, Kilin, liong, gold fish, partridge and so on.

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