Harajuku Fashion Trends From Japanese

Harajuku Fashion Trends From Japanese – Shion harajuku taken from the popular designation for the area around the JR (Japan Railway) Harajuku, Shibuya District, Tokyo. This area is known as a gathering place for young Japanese.

Harajuku fashion unusual fashion forward and seem very strange but also very unique. With facial makeup that is very striking, asymmetrical haircut, clothes mix and match that impressed collision plus accessories and all the knick-perniknya.

Harajuku fashion now popular with teenagers in many countries because fashion is very interesting and well worth the tingg. Call it one of them teenagers in Indonesia, which in fact is indeed most often follow fashion from the outside. And in 2009 Indonesian artist who never considered to be very thick with Nipponnya wearing costumes harajuku fashion is Maya Estianty and Mulan Jamilah when two beautiful women are still together on one stage appeared under the auspices of the Queen Group.

To improve the appearance if you want to wear a costume harajuku inevitably, have to spend money not less. Because perfection costume harajuku many combined-mix with a patch or sticker image, colored pins, wallet chains, shoelaces / socks / hair ribbons, colorful, and all other accessories.

The essence of harajuku fashion itself is the pemakau should be able to combine the color or model that must be worn. In science harajuku known several streams that distinguish these harajuku costume.

What are they?

Gothic Lolita: The most used by adolescents with elegant dress patterns, gothic, and makes the wearer feminim motif Victoria.

Harajuku Gothic LolitaHarajuku Gothic Lolita


Japanese Punks
: fashion-inspired dress from the 70s punk movement.

Harajuku PunksHarajuku Punks

Cosplay: Able like a character like anime or game characters like Naruto and Bokabon.

Harajuku CostplayHarajuku Costplay


Decora: Wearing a costume with a characteristic bright colors and quirky.

Harajuku DecoraHarajuku Decora


: Wearing costume combination with Japan and the West.

Harajuku WamonoHarajuku Wamono




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